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 BulletNewSlottaTime 2.22 is Out now and includes various bug fixesNew

Yes! It's here: SlottaTime 2 is now available. Some of SlottaTime 2s new features::
Bullet Stock / Material Sales,
Bullet Inventory Management,
Bullet Automated Pricing with Wholesale Price Stepping and Retail Prices,
Bullet Manually adjustable discounting,
Bullet Stock Sales and inventory analysis and reporting,
Bullet Integrated internal Memo system,
Bullet Improved integration with Microsoft Outlook - sync. with your Smartphone for convenience,
Bullet Integrated internal Help system,
Bullet And many more -Download your free trial of SlottaTime 2 now...
Bullet Now supports Internet Explorer 10 and Google Maps API V3 for Routing from Previous to current and  Next Job

SlottaTime uses the Microsoft Access database engine so you will also need Microsoft Access 2010 -full version or Runtime:
Download the FREE Access2010 Runtime  AND   - Download Access 2010 Runtime Service Pack 2

SlottaTime Service Scheduling and Business Manager

The SlottaTime Customer Service Work Scheduling program is the perfect solution for Service and Support businesses. Features include:
Bullet Schedule and plan Customer service workloads for multiple Teams or Crews,
Bullet Calendar View of all work (Single, 5 , 7 or 10 Day views),
Bullet Manage Customers with Single or Multiple Sites (corporates),
Bullet Create 'Job-Sheets' with integrated Maps and marked Shortest Route to speed your Staffs' locating Customers and reduce travel time,
Bullet Track all activities and contact with your Customers. Never miss a promised call or appointment again with the integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Manager),
Bullet Configurable to your own business and service requirements,
Bullet Quotations, financials and much more...
Bullet Your Time Savings will very quickly cover the purchase price leading to increased profit for your business...

Bullet Customers:SlottaTime Screen Shot of Customer screen with Tabs for additional details...

A full Customer View shows at a glance full customer address and contact information. Selectable tabs allow views of Current Pending work appointments (Time Slots), Completed or historical appointments, Customers physical Locations or Sites, Quotations given, CRM Activities for the Customer, and Associated Documents.

Ease your customer management head-aches with SlottaTimes' ability to Categorise Customers as needed for targeted marketing, fast location and convenience.

SlottaTime prevents accidental double-ups with a 'Anti-Duplication' test prior to adding new customers and features an easy to use, Sophisticated and Flexible Search function for rapid location of Customers, Locations and
Customer Appointments.

Bullet Customer Locations:

Easily manage Customer with multiple Physical Locations and address details. SlottaTime has no limit on how many locations a Customer can have, one or one thousand! Ideal for Business or Corporates with central head office accounting. Each Location holds additional address and contact details so your staff can see exactly who to contact.

Bullet Schedule Customer Appointments:SlottaTime Screen Shot of Colour Coded Calendar View of team schedules

All customer appointments are Scheduled as a Time-Slot with date and time and are allocated to a 'Crew'. Each Crew has it's own independent Schedule and the scheduling system prevents accidental double booking. A full Graphical view, Calendar or Diary of the Schedules lets you see at a glance your workload. This shows all scheduled Time-Slots or jobs for each Crew, with each Slot or Job coloured to suit the allocated Service being undertaken. Choose your preference of Single Day, Five Day, Seven Day and Ten Day Views of your appointments. Double clicking on an allocated Time-Slot will open and display the Slots Details. Double clicking on an unallocated Time-Slot will open a blank Time-Slot for scheduling a new customer job or appointment.

Bullet View Your Schedule on your MOBILE!

NewNow with improved Microsoft Outlook integration you can simply export your appointment schedule to Outlooks Calendar for synching with your mobile phone. Have the details of your schedule in your pocket for the ultimate convenience.

Bullet Crews, Teams or Staff:

Each scheduled Job or Time-Slot is allocated to a 'Crew.' This can be a single staff member or a designated team. Each Crew has it's own unique schedule and the Scheduling System ensures you cannot accidentally be double booked. Different crews can be scheduled for the same time on other Time-Slots. Each Crew is colour coded to assist rapid recognition. SlottaTime makes it easy to manage your employee Work Schedules.

Bullet Crew Management:

Easily provide your staff with clear, easy to follow instructions including;

A 'Day-Log' list of all Scheduled Job Time-Slots for the day with Times, Address and Service listed so they are well informed and ready to perform at their optimum;

A 'Job-Sheet' detailing all the customers requirements for the appointment Time-Slot and work required, equipment required and other additional details, including a full colour map indicating the physical street Location of the premises.

Bullet Material Sales and Inventory Management:

NewSlottaTime 2.0 now fully supports Stock or Material Sales as well as Services so now you can easily add those consumable items to your service appointment or Time-Slot. Materials can be tracked as inventory items with full inventory management support or as non inventory for adding labour or other non stock tracked items.

Bullet Automated Stock / Material Pricing:

NewPrices are automatically populated with both Retail and multi-step Wholesale Prices for material items being sold. Manual Price Adjustment and Discounting provide additional flexibility to cater for all sales requirements.

Bullet Can you afford not to use SlottaTime?

Using SlottaTime your savings will grow quickly. The simple and fast searching to locate a Customer, check on an Invoice, repeat an Appointment or create a Quotation will save you time on every task. This time saving will grow with the business.

With just 10 TimeSlots or Appointments per day, your savings will likely be well over $25,000 per year!

View our Savings Calculations as a PDF or download the Excel worksheet to calculate YOUR SAVINGS by adjusting the workload and labour rates to your own. You will be amazed at how quickly SlottaTime will pay you back...

Time Savings.pdfTime Savings with SLottaTime PDF    Time Savings.xlsxSave with SlottaTime Calculation Excel 2007/10      Time Savings.xls (Excel 97-2003)Savings Excel97-2003

Bullet Customer Confirmations:

Avoid missing your Customers by sending 'Confirmation Messages'. SlottaTime allows you to send a personalised reminder to your Customer detailing the appointments Date and Time plus the Service being provided, thus preventing ineffective travel and downtime.

Bullet Financials:

Fully integrated financial tracking including Estimated and Actual Price to manage job variance, Invoicing, Payment processing, Receivables Ageing, Statements / Reminders and reporting.  The new add-on SlottaTime Extension for QuickBooks allows data sharing with QuickBooks.

Bullet Users Say:

"SlottaTime is reliable, compact and easy to use. Without SlottaTime we would need to employ up to two more office staff. It makes the running of our business so simple and allows for a greener, almost paperless office. SlottaTime takes care of the daily operation of Big John's Services, Teams, Customers, Marketing, Job Booking, Job-Sheet preparing, Invoicing & Statements. And so much more."  - John Tomlinson, Manager, Big John Ltd.

Bullet Customer Relationship Manager (CRM):

All Contact with Customers can be recorded, with a priority assigned, follow-up by and completion dates logged for later KPI analysis. All Customer Activities are categorised and assigned to a staff member for easy reference with a powerful search tool allowing detailed monitoring and ensuring completion. User option settings allow your pending activities to be displayed at start up to further improve follow up and customer management.

SlottaTime Customer Service Appointment Scheduling System

Bullet Document Management System:

SlottaTime include a fully integrated Document management system. Manage and retain details of each Customers Documents, files / images / contracts / photos / plans / spreadsheets etc. Documents are optionally moved or copied to a managed folder and are centrally available for all users. Never loose that contract, photo or plan again! Documents are stored in their native format and opened with the associated application.

Bullet Microsoft Office Integration:

Export reports to Word or Excel. Mail-Merge with Word or other applications. Save postage by eMailing Invoices Statements and Quotations. Save paper and the environment!

SlottaTime utilises Office Spelling checker to avoid errors. Uses all Standard MS Office functionality and shortcut keys to speed familiarity and usability.

Bullet 'QuickPaste'

SlottaTime's 'Quick Paste' function allows each user to store a list of favourite phrases for rapid inserting anywhere, with an optional time-stamp to speed data entry and updates.

Bullet Internal Memo System:

NewNo more switching to your eMail app. to send the person across the office a message about a Customer/ Job/ Activity etc. Now simply send them an internal Memo, like an eMail but integrated within SlottaTime 2, Memos allow you to be more productive as Customers and other SlottaTime Objects can be directly referenced and quickly opened.

Plus as an additional bonus you can easily convert an existing Memo to an eMail message to send to external recipients or Customers keeping them in the loop...

Bullet Detailed Reports:

SlottaTime features many detailed Reports including; full Customer Listing; Customer by Value, Customer Found-by Report, Day-Log, Job-sheet, Payments Made by, Receivables Aging, Repetitive Time-Slots, and many more plus a Custom Report where you can select just the fields that you want to see.

Bullet Dynamic Resizing and Drag-n-Drop:

NewNow you can shift that appointment with your mouse; just click on it and drag to the new time, easy!

To improve viewing on larger screens or multi monitors, SlottaTime now has dynamically re-sizable screens. Now your calendar can fill your screen or you can resize it down to small box and the Time-Slots or appointments resize to fit.

Bullet Import / Export:

NewSlottaTime now has improved Import and Export functions to allow you to more easily setup SlottaTime by importing your existing Customer Database from a file exported by QuickBooks, MYOB or other financial / accounting applications.

You can also Export Customers and Invoice Data for later importing into MYOB, QuickBooks or other applications.

Bullet SlottaTime for QuickBooks Extension

NewNow you can share data directly with QuickBooks using the additional SlottaTime for QuickBooks Extension

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 Bullet SlottaTime Support Options

Now you can choose your preferred support option from the total confidence of premium Gold support through to the basic Standard support. There is a support option to suit your needs. See the SlottaTime Support page for your SlottaTime support options.

 Bullet More information

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windows 7 Five Star award.SlottaTime scheduler runs on Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista and XP. SlottaTime gained a Windows7 Download Five Star and Editors Pick awards


Certified 100% Clean
Softpedia say: "SlottaTime has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future."


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7 (32 or 64bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP (with Access 2010)
CPU: 900MHz or faster.
Free Hard Drive Space: ~30MB
Microsoft Access 2010 / 2013 / 2016 -full version or Free Runtime
  - Download the FREE Access 2013 Runtime (Choose AccessRuntime_x86_en-us.exe)

Optional; Internet Connection for mapping etc.
Optional; Microsoft Office for Mail-Merge, Calender loading, etc.
SlottaTime is now available for 64Bit MS Office. Please Contact us for this version...

SlottaTime -the Ultimate Customer Service Scheduler

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